About Bishnupur

Bishnupur famous for beautiful terracotta temples is part of Bankura district. Located at a distance of 132km from the state capital Kolkata, Bishnupur town has been a center of attraction for innumerable attributes like the medieval terracotta temples, music, art, painting, weaving and an unique and rich architecture. As mentioned in the books of history, the flood plains of Bengal remained devoid of sufficient supply of stones which led the fellow architects here searching for quick alternative, which they found in burnt clay bricks.

About Bishnupur
Terracota Temple, Bishnupur

Soon construction with burnt clay bricks became a growing trend and an apt substitute for stone constructions. This paved way for a new form of temple architecture called the Terracotta temples, which soon became one of the finest work of art found majorly in West Bengal. It is this terracotta temples which are present till date and which are absolutely responsible for shifting the beautiful small town of Bishnupur to a great destination not only in West Bengal but in the whole country.

History of Bishnupur

One of the strongest features of Bishnupur city is its rich historical background of prosperity and grandeur. As per the historical reference Bishnupur at the early years of Gupta period used to be ruled by local Hindu kings who essentially paid tribute to King Samudragupta. After this period there was a long time when the area remains oscillated being an independent principality or serving as a vassal state. It was only after then that the Malla dynasty took over the region and showed it growth and prosperity.

There are several theories over the beginning of Malla Dyanasty. According to some historians, it was in 694 AD when King Raghunath I invented the Malla dynasty whereas others believe a complete different story. As per legends here it was in 7th century Ad when a disposed king from the northern part of the country was travelling to Southern India to pay pilgrimage to famous temples there. His wife was about to have a child and on the way while passing through the land of present Bishnupur faced severe pain and gave birth of a baby son on this land in the house of a local villager, a Brahmin. While giving birth, the queen passed away and in remorse and anger, the king abandoned the child and went for his pilgrimage.
The child however was protected by the Brahmin and was growing up here only. The child excelled in fields of education and wrestling brilliantly and soon with the initiative of the locals he was made the King of the local kingdom which was named as Malla kingdom where Malla means wrestling and the child named as Adi Malla. It was from then, the area was ruled by the Malla dynasty for more than thousand years and it was under their rule only during the time of 17th and 18th century, that Bishnupur became beautified with the excessive terracotta architecture on beautiful temples, mansions reaching its pinnacle in excellent art work throughout the town. It was considered a seat for craft and culture. It was initiative of Malla king Veer Hambir, Veer Singha and Raja Raghunath Singha Dev that Bishnupur was considered one of the primary center of Culture in Eastern India. Along with excellent architecture and Terracotta craft they promoted Bishnupur School of painting as well as Bishnupur Gharana of Hindustani Classical music.

The name of the land was not previously Bishnupur , but was referred as Mallabhum but in 994 AD, the name was shifted to Bishnupur which was derived from the name of Hindu God “Lord Vishnu”. This was all the more since the major population of this area belonged to the sect, “Vaishnava”.

Geography Of Bishnupur

The exact meridians of Bishnupur are located at 23.08°North latitude and 87.32°East longitudes. The average elevation of Bishnupur is 59 meters or 194 feet from the sea level. The eastern side of Bishnupur remains bounded by Jaypur and Patrasayer whereas the north eastern boundary is provided by Sonamukhi. On the west of Bishnupur town lies Taldangra and Onda and on the southern side it remains bounded by Medinipur district. Bishnupur has an alluvial topography. The soil type here is extremely lateritic and acidic. The fertility status is not very high since the soil is light in nature with less organic matter and low water holding capacity. River Dwarekeshwar has its old bed and several tributaries flowing through Bishnupur.

Climate of Bishnupur

The climate of Bishnupur is essentially tropical in nature. The weather remains dry specially during the summer months from March to June when the hot westerly winds blow rising the temperature here. The maximum temperature records in the month of May when it touches 45°C. Next comes the monsoon season which stretches till the month of September and provides relief during the hot summer months. Visiting Bishnupur around this time is best avoided as sudden torrential rains can stop mobility and sightseeing options in the city. The winter season is marked from the month of November by a pleasant climate, crystal clear sky and harmonious ambiance. The winter season stays till February with the temperature ranging around 27°C.

Population of Bishnupur

As per census 2011, the Bishnupur Municipality is known to have a gross population of 67,783 inhabitants of which 34,055 are male individuals and 33,728 are females. The population count for children within the age of 0-6 years is 5835, which ideally forms around 8.61% of the total population of Bishnupur. The female sex ratio is Bishnupur is quite high at 990 per 1000 male individuals. According to census 2011 figures this ratio is higher to the state average of 950 female per 1000 male individuals. The child sex ratio in Bishnupur is 979 girls per 1000 boys which is also quite higher to the state average of 956 girls. Almost 21.86% of the total population of Bishnupur is graded as schedule caste and around 0.88% people are counted as schedule tribe. Bishnupur is a city with tremendous focus on educational field and that is why a number of educational institutes are based here. The literacy level of the city is also higher in compared to the state average. The literacy count of Bishnupur as per the last census is 82.63% whereas the state average stands at 76.26%. Among this also the male literates of Bishnupur consists of 88.58% whereas the female literates are only 76.62%. The local language of Bishnupur is Bengali, however the people here are aware of Hindi and English languages too.

Administration of Bishnupur

Excellent administration prevails on Bishnupur city. As per the latest jurisdiction, Bishnupur city is divided into 19 wards where in each one election happens after every 5 years. A total number of 15074 houses are based within the city whose basic needs in means of water, electricity etc are taken care of by the administration here. Bishnupur city is a part of Bishnupur subdivision under Bankura district. The subdivision is divided into Bishnupur municipality, Sonamukhi municipality and six community development blocks of which one is Bisnupur. The six blocks have a total of 56 gram panchayats. Bishnupur subdivision has its headquarters based at Bishnupur city. The local administration here is responsible for all major requisites in matters to public health, sanitation, hygiene, cleanliness, road construction , tax collection, street light maintenance, public property restoration and many others. Even the birth and death records of the city are maintained by the municipal authority only.

Culture of Bishnupur

One of the predominant features of Bishnupur is its rich legacy of culture and customs that categorically make the city stand out among all. The tradition of cultural taste and preference is visible in the work of architecture spread across the city. There are multiple artifacts that points out the glorious ethnicity of the people here.

Profile of Bishnupur
Terracotta Horses

Terracotta Items: One of the principle things with which the city is identified is the excelled skilled craftsmanship of the Terracotta items. The architecture of the various such items including popular horses solely displays the uniqueness of the construction which none can miss. Terracotta works are also evident in pottery work done here for ages.

Baluchari Sarees: It is true that Bengali sarees are a true epitome of Bengali culture and heritage. Keeping that in mind, a new form of saree is weaved in this region to personify the cultural heritage of Bishnupur. The saree is called Bishnupuri silk or tussar silk which is quite popular here.

Folk Music : When it comes to art and music, Bishnupur has always been a huge enthusiastic courtesy the Malla kings who promoted the field through means of painting schools and Gharana of music. Bishnupur Gharana of music was established in 1370 AD with huge popularity and prosperity in 16th and seventeenth century. Dhrupad style of music was practiced here which is still a part of music academics. Harmonium , flute, sitar and table were some of the instruments played here.

Apart from this there are various fairs and festivals which portray the beautiful culture pertaining in this region. One of the popular ones among them is the Bishnupur Mela which is organized every year during the last week of the month of December. Huge footfalls glories the fair and makes it a huge success. Following the fair the Bishnupur Utsab is organized, which is celebrated with classical music and dance in celebration of the Bishnupur Gharana of Music. Festivals here includes snake festival in august, Durga puja, holi, Dolyatra, Rath yatra, diwali or Kali puja , Shivratri, Saraswati puja, Lakshmi Puja and many others.

Economy of Bishnupur

Economy of Bishnupur depends mainly on agriculture and small scale industries. Agriculture is one of the primary mode of earning in this area. Though the fertility status of the location is not very high but still there are few crops which are cultivated in this area. The main crop cultivated in this city is Rice. The production of rice from the city is considerable enough for self consumption and for selling the surplus. Apart from rice, other crops like wheat , mustard, summer Til, Porato, pulses and oil seeds are also cultivated in this location. The major pulses cultivated here include Arhar, Gram, Khesari, Moong, Kalai, Lentil and others. Ground nut and sunflower are also included in farming to meet the demand of oil seeds. Various kinds of vegetables are also produced here to meet the demand of self consumption mainly. Chilli, tomato, broccoli , capsicum, spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, brinjal and many other vegetables are cultivated here.

The major benefit of agriculture in Bishnupur is the fact that it doesnot necessarily follow the traditional method of farming. In the last few years, farmers have started using fertilizers, organic manure, improved seeds and less harmful pesticides to promote production. Various machines like power tiller, pump set, sprayer, thresher, tractor etc are used to benefice better farming in Bishnupur.

Industries in Bishnupur

Apart from agriculture, small scale industries like cottage industries and others are also a major contributor towards the economical growth of the city as well as the district at large. A major population of the district remains employed in various small scale industries. Some of the reputed small scale companies functioning in Bishnupur include M/s Megacity Cement Ltd, M/s S R Dey Rice Mill etc. Cottage Industry is one of the major small scale industries in Bishnupur. Multiple hand loom works, various kinds of weaving, pottery making, painting, brass curving and preparation of various brass items and many other works come under this category which is practiced in Bishnupur city. One of the most prominent hand loom activities is the making of Baluchari sarees which is considered to be best exclusive item of this location. Popular among the people of the whole country, this particular type of sarees is made of finest silk threads weaved with multiple designs majorly stories of Indian epics. Terracotta works are also quite popular in Bishnupur location and various people remains employed in this profession. Apart from this other small scale industries are majorly of wood curving, stone curving, stone crushing, roof tiles making and many others. There are limited number of Medium scale and large scale companies in Bishnupur. The two major companies which have grown quite large in the last few years include M/s Basab Steel and M/s Jyothy Laboratories.

Sri Vasavi Industries Ltd.
Address: WBIIDC, Industrial Growth Center, Dwarika, P.O.Bishnupur, DT.Bankura, Bishnupur - 722122, West Bengal, India

Rohit FERRO - Tech Limited
WBIIDC Road, P.O. Dwarika P.S. Bishnupur
Dist. Bankura, West Bengal - 722122

Healthcare Services in Bishnupur

Health infrastructure is the most important parameter for a well facilitated city. Keeping this in mind, the health administration department of Bishnupur works actively, joining hands with private organizations in providing excellent health care facilities to the people of Bishnupur and the nearby areas. Bishnupur Sub Divisional Hospital is the major hospital based in this region. Having a strength of 250 beds, modern equipment, well trained and experienced doctors assisted by efficient staff, the hospital provides excellent support to the people of Bishnupur in regards to medical care. There are separate wards and dedicate departments for each category of patients. Apart from the sub divisional hospital there are Block primary health centres or BPHC at Radhanagar and under BPHC there are several PHC centers too. All these health centers work towards providing immediate treatment facility to the people of Bishnupur and nearby areas.

Hospitals in Bishnupur
Healthcare Services

There are also some private nursing homes which do have the facility of best quality medication by efficient doctors and other medical staff. There are pathology labs within the hospital and other modern equipment for fast detection and quick treatment. However the cost of treatment in private hospitals is much more compared to the Government hospital and health centers where one can find cheap medication and for the BPL card holders there is arrangement of free treatment.

Bishnupur Subdivisional Hospital
Address: Krishnaganj,
PO- Bishnupur Dist: Bankura, West Bengal - 722122
Phone: 3244-252065

New Land Hospital
Address: Bishnupur Main Road
PO- Bishnupur Dist: Bankura, West Bengal - 722122
Phone: 3242-256144

Radhanagar Rural Hospital
Address: Radhanagar,
PO- Bishnupur Dist: Bankura, West Bengal - 722122
Phone: 3244-257235

Panacea Hospital
Address: College Rd, Bishnupur
PO- Bishnupur Dist: Bankura, West Bengal - 722122
Phone: 03244 256142,

Lake View Nursing Home
Address: Matukganj, Bishnupur
PO- Bishnupur Dist: Bankura, West Bengal - 722122
Phone: 9434588467

Pathlabs in Bishnupur

In order to provide excellent health care services the doctors today believe only on laboratory test result to diagnose the problem and detect its stage. In Bishnupur most of the hospitals have their own pathology centers to cater several medical needs. Apart from this there are private lab testing centers which are reputed and provide quick yet best services. Some of these pathology centers are listed below.

MAA Sarada X Ray Clinic
Address: College Road Bishnupur
PO- Bishnupur Dist: Bankura, West Bengal - 722122
Phone: 3244-254411

Sanjibani Diagnostic Laboratory
Address: College Road, Bishnupur Bankura,
PO- Bishnupur Dist: Bankura, West Bengal - 722122
Phone: 9434479462, 9434227435

Ballav Medical Centre
Address: Ukil Para, Rasikganj
PO- Bishnupur Dist: Bankura, West Bengal - 722122
Phone: 9434520620

The Blood Diagnostic Centre
Address: Boulapara, College Road,
PO- Bishnupur Dist: Bankura, West Bengal - 722122
Phone: 9434975360

In Site X Ray Clinic
Address: Boulapara, Bishnupur, Bankura, College Road,
PO- Bishnupur Dist: Bankura, West Bengal - 722122
Phone: 9434015411

Nirnay Health Care
Address: High School More, Bishnupur, Bankura, College Road,
PO- Bishnupur Dist: Bankura, West Bengal - 722122
Phone: 3242-256599

Ayurvedic Clinics in Bishnupur

Apart from allopathic treatment, there remains option of alternative medicine in Bishnupur which also is quite popular among the natives especially since it is cheaper as well as effective too. Some of the best qualified doctors with supportive and well stocked ayurvedic medicine stores are present in various parts of the city. One can find branded ayurvedic medicines and products in these shops. Some of the best ayurvedic stores are listed below.

Ayurveda Sanchar
Address: Bishnupur, Bankura, Station Road,
PO- Bishnupur Dist: Bankura, West Bengal - 722122
Phone: 9046478060

Ayurvedic Pharmacy
Address: Rasikganj, Bishnupur Road
PO- Bishnupur Dist: Bankura, West Bengal - 722122
Phone: 9851934103

Mallabhum Ayurvedic
Address: Bahadur Ganj, Bishnupur, Bankura, Netaji Road
PO- Bishnupur Dist: Bankura, West Bengal - 722122
Phone: 9932336133

Baidik Ayurved
Address: Rasikgunj, Bishnupur, Bankura, College Road
PO- Bishnupur Dist: Bankura, West Bengal - 722122
Phone: 9775317610

Lifestyle in Bishnupur

Bishnupur is a city with progressive mind but maintains a strong rooted connection to its world of culture and heritage. The advantages have modern lifestyle have inflicted the natives of Bishnupur and they too prefer to accept the modern approach of living. An ideal example of this mental progression is visible in the number of beauty spas and saloons present in the city with all latest treatment and care facilities available in any other metro city. Some of the reputed beauty parlors based here are listed below.

Raj Laxmi Beauty Parlour
Address: Mayurpukur, Bishnupur, Station Road
PO- Bishnupur Dist: Bankura, West Bengal - 722122
Phone: 9732221884

Flora Ladies Beauty Parlor
Address: Bishnupur, Station Road, Near Station More
PO- Bishnupur Dist: Bankura, West Bengal - 722122
Phone: 9475337126

Roop Mahal Beauty Parlor
Address: Bishnupur College Road, High School More
PO- Bishnupur Dist: Bankura, West Bengal - 722122
Phone: 9475371965

Manjari Hair and Beauty Spa
Address: Bishnupur College Road, Rashik Ganj
PO- Bishnupur Dist: Bankura, West Bengal - 722122
Phone: 9434520529

Manali Ladies Beauty Parlor
Address: Bishnupur College Road,
PO- Bishnupur Dist: Bankura, West Bengal - 722122
Phone: 9532254543

Apart from this there are local fitness centers which are popular in every locality. There are basic fitness equipment in these centers to support basic workout.

Rashid’s Fitness House
Address: Bishnupur College Road,
PO- Bishnupur Dist: Bankura, West Bengal - 722122
Phone: 9321356667

Food in Bishnupur

Be it the delicious mustard fish curry or the spicy “Mutton Jhol” or Mutton curry or the mouth watering chicken recipes one just cannot miss any food item in Bishnupur which is inhabited majorly by Bangla people . The staple food of Bishnupur is rice and fish but a full on meal contains a variety of dishes with lot of prominence on non vegetarian dishes. People here prefer to indulge in spicy foods where usage of spices and chilies are much more and also they prefer fried foods specially in mustard oil. Though in Bishnupur one majorly finds the traditional cuisine popular among the natives, there are restaurants and food joints with other modes of cuisine too. Chinese cuisine for example is very much popular in this region and many restaurants here have the availability of the same. Other than this some restaurants also have availability of North Indian and south Indian dishes for interested customers.

Information on Bishnupur
Fried Fish Curry

Sweets are also quite popular among Bengali people the reason why one can find sufficient number of sweet shops in and around Bishnupur city. Every morning the sweet shops brew with the fragrance of freshly made sweets. Apart from the usual Bengali sweets like rasogolla, chumchum, pantua, sandesh and many others the Modak or the Moira prepares some specialties of Bishnupur like the Motichur and Mihidana which is simply mouth watering and a must taste for all visitors. Last but not the least one can never miss the Misti Pan available here which forms an ideal after food chewer as well as helps digestion after a heavy meal. The Misti Paan is made of betel leaf and acts a stimulant. There are various misti pan stalls across various parts of the city.

Tourist Destinations in Bishnupur

Bishnupur is a one of the best tourist destination in Bankura district. Famous for its rich heritage, classy cultural background, architectural brilliance, and royal inheritance, historical and religious significance the place is simply worth a visit. It has made old temples dedicated to Lord Krishna built as old as 16th century which forms the main attraction of this location. Also one can view the excellent terracotta art here which is unique of this location and not found anywhere else in Eastern India. Baluchari sarees is one of the specialized products of this region. It serves as one of prominent Indian ethnic wear.

Transport in Bishnupur

One of the best attributes of Bishnupur city is its excellent transport availability and options of transport communication to prominent places within the district and beyond. Even it is only a 132 km drive to Kolkata, the capital of the state. It takes around 5 hrs drive to reach Bishnupur and there are regular buses and taxis from Howrah Junction leaving for the city.

By Airways : The nearest airport to Bishnupur city is Sonari Airport at Jamshedpur at a distance of 129 km. But flights are not regular to this airport in the recent years so the most convenient option is Netaji Subhas International Airport at Dumdum, Kolkata which is only 132 kms away and is absolutely operational. It is main airport of Kolkata , as a result it connects to all major metro cities of the country and also many International destinations.

By Trains : The nearest station to Bishnupur city is Bishnupur railway station functioning under South Eastern Railway with station code VSU. The station is well connected with two major railway stations of the state Howrah and Sealdah stations which connects to several cities within or beyond West Bengal. Being a part of Adra division, the station has two platforms and is based close to National Highway 60. There are several trains that travel through Bishnupur station connecting many cities in the nearby area. The station which lies closest after Bishnupur Railway station from Bishnupur city is Ramsagar Railway station at 6 km, then Piardoba Railway station at 13 kms and Ondagram Railway station at 15 kms.

Bishnupur Railway Station
Location : National Highway 60, Bishnupur, Distt: Bankura, West Bengal
Operated by : South Eastern Railway
Line(s) : Kharagpur-Bankura-Adra line
Sheoraphuli-Bishnupur branch line
Station code : VSU

By Bus : One of the preferred and most utilized mode of transport in this region after railways is the bus communication. There are regular buses connecting Bishnupur city with Kolkata through CSTC or Calcutta State Transport Communication and SBSTC or South Bengal State Transport Communication buses. These buses ply regularly from Esplanade bus stand in Kolkata and travels to Bishnupur and nearby cities like Sonamukhi, Onda, Arambagh, Bardhaman , Tarakeshwar, Durgapur etc. There are local buses too which travels through Bishnupur and nearby cities in much cheaper costs.

One can also opt to travel Bishnupur by Car since excellent roadways are available to reach destination smoothly, comfortably and in much lesser time. There are various car agencies that can be booked from Kolkata to reach Bishnupur in maximum 4 hours time via NH2. It can also be reached through NH6 and NH60. In Bishnupur there are not many car hire companies however there is one which provides quality service in reason price and that is Mallika Travels.

Mallika Travels
Address: Uttar Para Road, Near Pokabandh
Po- Bishnupur, Dist: Bankura, West Bengal 722122
Phone: 9474185401

The local transport within the city is mainly depended on personalized mode of transport like bicycles and motor bikes. Van Rickshaws are also quite popular in this area to move around within the city. The fares are quite low and its bumpy yet entertaining journey in these bigger tricycles.

To conclude Bishnupur is a splendid city with innumerable attractions and immense prospect that ensures a brighter future for the city and the natives. The state and the district administration have recognized the potential of the city and they are taking initiatives to explore the same in the best way possible. To start it has made a huge name of its own in the handicraft industry.

Bishnupur at a glance

Country : India
State : West Bengal
District : Bankura
Population (2001)
bull; Official : Bengali, English
Lok Sabha constituency : Bishnupur
Vidhan Sabha constituency : Bishnupur

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